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The guidelines for Assistant Referees is offside is priority number one and there is a good reason for that, because he’s on line with the second-last defender.

But the referee can support him. How? A few examples:

Situations where a player gives a long ball and someone heads it forward. Who touches it? Nobody does?
It’s quite difficult to spot offside, because of the angle. One player passes the ball and he or she is not on the same line as the players possibly in offside position. The referee can help with determining the moment of the pass. Especially useful with headset communication.
From the sidelines it is difficult to see who plays the ball. As you notices in both video examples, the defender playes the ball. The referee views these situations from a different and better angle.

Video Decision
Offside 1
Offside 2
Offside 3
Offside 4
Offside 5
Offside 6
Offside 7
Offside 8
Offside 9
Offside 10
Offside 11
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