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History of Cardiff Referees’ Society

Cardiff Referees’ Society was founded in 1898 by a group of school teachers that met and formed the first Association of Referees in the South Wales area. Unfortunately from that time until September 1924 there is no written record of meeting, as one secretary of the period in a fit of pique on losing office, destroyed the minute books. The record books after this period however remain vary considerably in content and will be dealt with decade by decade.

The 1920’s

The country was in a state of depression during this period and so was the Cardiff Referees’ Society. Three special general meetings were held resulting in a vote of confidence in the Treasury. It took nearly a year to obtain the books and the balance of the general fund. As a result however H.J. (Jack) Pearce was elected to the office of the Treasurer and served continuously in his capacity for 31 years. Another appointment made at this time which was have a long term effect on the society was that of B.V. (Bert) Hinton as Secretary, a position he was to hold for 26 years.

Attendance during the period were so low that one Chairman resigned over the issue. The minutes of meetings were brief (four lines in one instance) and one year it required four meetings to agree payment of an affiliation fee to the W.R.U. not surprising really as those initials stand for Welsh Rugby Union. The body referred to in the minutes may have been named the ‘The Welsh Referees’ Union.’ Requests were received from Treherbert, Caerau and Merthyr for information regarding the formation of a Referees’ Society.

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Many thanks to Roger Harpole for unearthing documents related to the Society

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