About Us : Amdanom Ni

Who we are

Cardiff Referees’ Society was founded in 1886 by a group of school teachers that met and formed the first Association of Referees in the South Wales area. The aim of the Society was to develop, support and nurture referees and that objective remains the same today. We currently have over 40 members making us one of the largest in the region and we certainly try to be the most vibrant Society in Wales.

Our Objectives

  • Not for Profit
    To operate as a not-for-profit membership organisation for football referees in which all operating surpluses are retained for the further development of the Association.
  • Companionship
    To provide an environment for companionship and personal refereeing development working in partnership with other members of the football family.
  • Support
    To support and protect members from injustice and unfair treatment in matters related to refereeing.
  • Recruitment
    To recruit into membership registered and former registered referees and to retain their membership.

Our Sponsors