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    As a Society we nurture, support and develop referees at all levels with the aim to make good referees great!

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In this site you will find regular news updates and information for one of the largest Referees’ Society in Wales.

We seek to encourage new members through our extensive new training classes, while all the time providing a professional environment to allow the development of members at all categories who strive to officiate at the highest possible levels in the game. We are proud of the achievements of all our members across all categories from grassroots to professional football.

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SYMUD I GAERDYDD? Rydym Yma I Helpu!
Fe allwn helpu i drefnu eich bod nôl â chwiban yn eich llaw ar gae pêl-droed cyn pen dim yn ddi-drafferth.
@CardiffUniSport @CardiffUniSport @cardiffmet @UniSouthWales

We can help you have a smooth transition and get you back in the middle without any hassle or delay.
@CardiffUniSport @CardiffUniSport @cardiffmet @UniSouthWales

  • An evening with Alan Snoddy
    Zoom Meeting Thursday 6th Aug Society members are in for a treat after Alan agreed to speak to members in
  • August Newsletter
    Click here to see the latest Society Newsletter for August 2020 The newsletter contains information about the next zoom meetings
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  • Empathy
    Everyone should have empathy (feeling/understanding) for the needs of each
  • Education
    People only improve by learning, and those who succeed must
  • Evaluation
    The best referees have a high level of ability to
  • Fitness
    It is self-evident that all match officials must be physically


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